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Deep Fried Mars Bar

The Deep Fried Mars Bar is a snack food that has been a media favourite for many years and has attained almost mythical status.

Deep Fried Mars Bars are prepared first by chilling the Mars Bar before deep frying it so that the Mars Bar does not melt whilst it is cooked. They are generally fried in the same fat/oil as used for cooking chips (fries).

Deep Fried Mars Bars are widely believed to have been first cooked in the Carron Fish and Chip Bar in Stonehaven, on the north east coast of Scotland.

Whether it has been reports on the bizarre nature of the dish or criticism of the health problems posed by such deep fried foods, they have all contributed to the rise of the Deep Fried Mars Bars’ profile.

A survey taken in 2004 by the Scottish NHS found that 22% of Scottish fish and chip shops sold the item, yet 75% of those shops had only started selling them in the previous three years. Deep Fried Mars Bars also seem to be predominantly purchased by the youth; three-quarters of sales go to children whilst a further 15% of sales went to adolescents.

Such has been the popularity of the Deep Fried Mars Bar that one can now find them both in fish and chip shops in England and Ireland, with shops selling as many as 200 Deep Fried Mars Bars a month.

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