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The Flavor Bible ReviewedThe Flavor Bible Reviewed

Joe Saumarez Smith reviews The Flavor Bible, a new guide from well known food authors Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page. This is a book that serious cooks and those who earn a living in professional kitchens will find indispensible, he thinks.

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Cooking Recipes

No need to go to cooking school - we have thousands of free cooking recipes for you - from quick and easy 20 minutes recipes to dinner party recipes. From the perfect roast chicken recipe to a huge range of chocolate desserts.

Food A-Z

Don't know your Annatto from your Zedoary Root? Let Cooking Index guide you through the ingredients of the world. Recent entries include Yaki Fu, Petai beans, Perilla, Dragon Fruit, Jujubes and tomatillo.


Recent cookbook reviews include The Flavor Bible, The Good Food Guide 2008, Off Duty - The World's Greatest Chefs Cook at Home and Simon Hopkinson and Lindsey Bareham's The Prawn Cocktail Years. If you're looking to increase your cooking library, check out our cookbook reviews first.

Drinks & Cocktails

Want to know about wine, beer, whisky, soft drinks or other beverages? Learn how to make the perfect cocktail - Vodka Martinis and Gin Martinis, Gin and Tonic, Caipirinha, Long Island Ice Tea, the Perfect Bloody Mary and many more.

Cooking Equipment

We're currently putting together our reviews of kitchen equipment that will help you cook like a professional. From the best cooking knives, kitchen mixers and pizza stones to kitchen sinks, cookers and kitchen backsplash tiles, Cooking Index will cover it all. 

Cooking Basics

Everything from Cooking Weights and Measures and Oven Temperature Conversion tables to information on caring for kitchen equipment to choosing a cooking class. We are constantly adding articles every day to build up a library of the cooking basics.