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Savory is an annual herb, Satureja hotenis, belonging to the mint family. Its dark-green, narrow leaves are dried and crushed.

Savory enhances almost any savory dish. It goes well with soups, stews, bean dishes of any sort, succotash, cabbage, and sauerkraut. Spark heavy stews, soups, and chowders with a garnish of Summer Savory. Top chilled, poached fish or chicken with a blend of Savory, chives, lemon juice, and mayonnaise. Crush Savory in your hand or with a mortar and pestle before use to release the flavour

Savory has a clean, piney fragrance and peppery flavor.

Romans used Savory as an herb and seasoning even before they used pepper. They used it as a medicine, a bee sting treatment, and an aphrodisiac. When the Romans brought it to England, it was used as an ingredient in stuffing rather than as an herbal remedy.

Relevant Recipes for Savory

Recipe Names

  1. Adai (savory Indian Pancakes)
  2. Baked Oysters With Savory Mushroom Herb Crust
  3. Basic Simmered Savory Seitan A.K.A. Gluten
  4. Campbell's Savory Chicken And Mushrooms
  5. Citrus-Savory Caramel Sauce
  6. Classic Savory Chicken Divan
  7. Crockpot Savory Beef Stew (7.5 PTS)
  8. Dahi Vada (Savory Balls In Yogurt)
  9. Emeril's Savory Pain Perdu
  10. Emeril's Savory Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding
  11. Empanadas Valencianas (Stuffed Savory Pastries)
  12. Fava Beans, Shrimp And Savory W/ Orecchiette Pasta
  13. Fava Beans, Shrimp And Savory With Orecchiette Pasta
  14. Green Beans With Onion And Savory
  15. Grilled Almond Chicken With Savory Plum Sauce
  16. Grilled Country Ribs With Summer Savory-Mustard Marinade
  17. Kreatopitakia (Baked Savory Pastries W/ Seasoned Meat)
  18. Kugel -- Savory Noodle Pudding
  19. Low-Fat Savory Fresh Peach Salad (2 PTS)
  20. Native American Hopi Blue Corn Mush "Savory
  21. Pakoras (Savory Fritters)
  22. Pan Fried Whole Wheat Savory Bread (Savory Paratha)
  23. Pickled Green Beans With Savory
  24. Pot Roast In Savory Cheese Sauce
  25. Quick Savory Meatloaf
  26. Samoosa (Small Savory Pastries)
  27. Samosa (Small Savory Pastries)
  28. Savory Almonds
  29. Savory Apple-Chicken Tart
  30. Savory Arm Roast
  31. Savory Baked Ricotta
  32. Savory Bean Patties With Yogurt-Mustard Dressing
  33. Savory Bean Soup
  34. Savory Beef
  35. Savory Beef Burgers
  36. Savory Beef Potage
  37. Savory Beef Short Ribs
  38. Savory Beef Stew With Couscous Or Rice
  39. Savory Black Beans
  40. Savory Bourbon Sauce
  41. Savory Braised Short Ribs
  42. Savory Bread Pudding With Asparagus, Fontina & Mixed Herbs
  43. Savory Bread Pudding With Asparagus, Gruyere, Fines Herbes
  44. Savory Caribou Pot Roast
  45. Savory Cheddar Crackers
  46. Savory Cheese Turnovers With Mint
  47. Savory Cheeseburgers
  48. Savory Chestnut Custard - {Sformato Di Castagne}
  49. Savory Chicken
  50. Savory Chicken And Vegetable Shells
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Recipe Ingredients

  1. "Great Bay" Scallop Stew
  2. Allegheny Baked Marsh Hare
  3. Another Gyros
  4. Apple-Chicken Salad-(Marinated)
  5. Aromatic Vinegar
  6. Avocado And Spicy Greens With A Pistachio Oil Vinaigrette
  7. Bacon Bits And Cheddar Cheese Chicken
  8. Bacon Tarts With Shaved Vidalia Onions
  9. Bagel Chips
  10. Baked Stuffed Lake Trout, Salmon, Or Walleyed Pike
  11. Baked Stuffed Salmon
  12. Barbecue Sauce - 07
  13. Barbecued Chicken On A Bun
  14. Bean 'n' Burger Pockets
  15. Beans With Black Olives
  16. Beef-Zucchini Pie
  17. Bhel Poori
  18. Black Lentil And Kasha Salad
  19. Blue Plate Special - Hot Seitan Sandwich
  20. Bluefish In Parchment
  21. Braised Squash With Moroccan Spices
  22. Branding Crew Meatloaf
  23. Brisket Rub and Sauce
  24. Cabbage With Gin And Juniper
  25. Can't Get Enough Chicken Wings
  26. Canadian Cipate (C-Pout)
  27. Carbonnade Of Beef
  28. Carne Asada
  29. Celery Root Salad
  30. Chard-Wrapped Salmon And Duxelles
  31. Cheesecake Factory's Wild Mushroom Pasta
  32. Chicken Consomme: Basic Clarification
  33. Chicken Pot Pie
  34. Chicken Soup A La Parisnenne
  35. Chicken Soup With Tortellini
  36. Chicken Taverna With Tomatoes
  37. Chicken With 40 Cloves Of Garlic
  38. Chile Rellenos Casserole - 2
  39. Chunky Minestrone
  40. Coffee Grilled Lamb Steaks
  41. Cornish Hens - Valentine's Day
  42. Country Chicken Stew With Celery Seed Dumplings
  43. Country Herb Roasted Chicken
  44. Crab Stuffed Mushrooms
  45. Cranberry And Pecan Crusted Rack Of Pork
  46. Crawfish Pie I
  47. Creamed Chicken
  48. Creative Casseroles - 4
  49. Creole Summer Squash
  50. Crock Pot Spanish Chicken
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