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Cassava is a shrubby, tropical, perennial plant that is not well known in the temperate zone. For most people, cassava is most commonly associated with tapioca.

Cassava is often one of the main ingredients used in many vegetable dishes. Traditional cooking recipes from all over the world have a special place devoted for just Cassava. From soups, appetizers and delicious salads, this vegetable is also used in stews and as a side. Cooking Cassava is easy and rewarding, since this vegetable has a high nutritional value. In most cases, eating this vegetable raw or cooking it very lightly is the best way to preserve the enzymes and vitamins contained within. Micro-waving is also quite popular, but studies have shown that a large proportion of the vitamins are lost during this process. Since Cassava is quick to cook and requires very little preparation, many chefs favor it as one of the main vegetables of any dish they create.

Cassava is mainly produced in africa.

The bitter variety is poisonous when raw. It contains hydrocyanic acid, which is neutralized when pressure is applied and the toxic juice squeezed out. It is used mostly for tapioca and for certain cassava dishes. In the West Indies it is mainly made into starch.

Relevant Recipes for Cassava

Recipe Names

  1. Kappa Cutlet (Cassava Cakes)

Recipe Ingredients

  1. Bobo E Acaca
  2. Kappa Cutlet (Cassava Cakes)
  3. Yucca Fritters