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Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a species of cactus and is extremely beautiful fruit that has dazzling flowers and an intense shape and color. The dragon fruit is usually a dark red color, although some types of this fruit are pink or yellow.

The dragon fruit is best eaten by cutting the fruit in half and scooping the flesh out. The flavor is very refreshing and sweet. Dragon fruits are delicious chilled and can be served in fruit juices and fruit salads or made into jam. They can also be juiced and added to alcohol to make a very delicious drink.

Dragon fruit is mildly sweet and low is low in calories

It not known exactly where the dragon fruit originated, but it is thought to have come from South America. The dragon fruit is cultivated in tropical regions around the world.

According to legend the fruit was created thousands of years ago by fire breathing dragons. During a battle when the dragon would breathe fire the last thing to come out would be the fruit.

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