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Gingko Nuts

The ginkgo nut is a hard shelled kernel/nut from the maidenhair tree commonly known as the ginkgo biloba, which is an ancient plant. Traditionally a Chinese food.

These nuts are widely used in Asian cookery. They add a wonderful texture to foods and much like soybeans, pick up the flavor of other ingredients. Ginkgo nuts are used in soups, stuffings, desserts, dishes containing meat and poultry, and vegetarian dishes, as well.

Once peeled and roasted, they have a slightly sweet flavor and a chestnut like texture. In most cases people don’t eat the inner core of gingko nuts because this is bitter.

It is thought these trees originated in Northern China and are so old they are referred to as "living fossils"; it has been said they watched the dinosaurs roam the earth.

The Chinese also paint the nuts and string them up as decorations at weddings; and, during the festivities.

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