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Marmite is a sticky, almost treacle like dark brown spread that is widely sold and consumed in Britain. It inspires strong reactions, both positive and negative, to the extent that the marketing slogan is 'You either love it or hate it'.

Marmite is made from yeast extract and is a by product of the brewing industry.

It is usually spread on bread or toast; it is wise to spread it thinly. It has a particular affinity with cucumber and you will find many British ex-pats sitting thousands of miles away tucking into Marmite and cucumbers sandwiches for tea to remind them of what they have left behind. It can also be dissolved in hot water and drunk as a hot drink.

Marmite is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Some people compare it with spreads such as Bovril and Vegemite but the true Marmite lover would not contemplate substituting either.

A 'marmite' is also a French cooking pot, which is depicted on the labels of the Marmite jar.

Marmite is the chief ingredient in another quintessentially British snack, the Twiglet.

Special edition Guinness Marmite

In February 2007 a special edition Guinness Marmite was introduced into the British market. 30% of the yeast extract used in the special edition Marmite came from the extracts of Guinness brewing. The manufacturers, Unilever UK Foods, stressed that the product did not contain alcohol.

In January 2008 Marmite announced a special Valentines jar of Marmite would go on sale for a limited time with a heart shaped label and traces of champagne in the ingredients.


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