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The cashew nut has a very unusual growth habit. It grows on a small tree, dangling beneath a fleshy stalk known as the cashew apple, or cashew pear.

The smooth creamy-white kidney-shaped kernel is rich in vitamin A and has a high fat content. In Europe cashews are usually eaten dried, roasted and salted as a snack or in salads. Unsalted cashews are generally used for cooking and they're particularly popular in south Indian cuisine, used whole or ground and often added just before serving.

They're also used in Chinese cookery, in main dishes such as noodle salads and stir-fries. They're particularly good with chicken or prawn dishes and can be used in meat or vegetable stews or curries. Roughly chopped, they can be thrown in to rice dishes to add texture.

Cashews are thought to have originated in Brazil and were taken to India by Portuguese traders. The nut has a shell which contains an irritant oil that can burn human skin - hence cashews are never sold in their shells.

Relevant Recipes for Cashews

Recipe Names

  1. Asian Noodles With Chili Shrimp And Cashews
  2. Asparagus With Cashews
  3. Baked Halibut With Coconut And Cashews
  4. Beef With Cashews
  5. Bombay Cashews
  6. Bombay Cashews
  7. Brown Rice With Cashews, Spinach, And Mushrooms
  8. Brussels Sprouts With Cashews (2 PTS)
  9. Butter Rum Cashews
  10. Carrot Slaw With Cashews
  11. Chicken and Cashews
  12. Chicken W/ Cashews B1
  13. Chicken With Cashews
  14. Chicken With Cashews - 1
  15. Chicken With Cashews - 2
  16. Chinese: Szechwan Chicken And Cashews
  17. Corn Soup With Chilies and Cashews
  18. Garlic Cashews
  19. Lemony Potato Salad With Olives, Corn And Cashews
  20. Nutmeat Halvah (Almonds, Pistachios, Cashews)
  21. Rice With Indian Spices, Cashews, And Chiles - {Nimbu Rice}
  22. Scallops and Cashews In Tangerine Sauce
  23. Spicy Barbecued Cashews
  24. Spicy Chicken With Cashews
  25. Spicy Fried Tofu With Peppers And Cashews
  26. Stir-Fried Chicken With Cashews And Pine Nuts
  27. Stir-Fried Chinese Chicken With Cashews
  28. Stir-Fried Spicy Velvet Chicken With Snow Peas And Cashews
  29. Szechwan Chicken And Cashews
  30. Szechwan Chicken And Cashews
  31. Szechwan Chicken With Cashews

Recipe Ingredients

  1. 90'S Style Chicken Salad
  2. ABC Nut Loaf
  3. Almost Vegan Lasagna
  4. Ancho-Cashew Mole Sauce
  5. Andhra Hot Coconut Rice
  6. Apricot Bars - 1
  7. Apricot-Glazed Chicken
  8. Asian Noodles
  9. Asian Noodles With Chili Shrimp And Cashews
  10. Asparagus Braise
  11. Asparagus With Cashews
  12. Baked Cheese Tomatoes
  13. Baked Halibut With Coconut And Cashews
  14. Bar Nuts (Union Square Cafe)
  15. Barfi (Nut Based Dessert)
  16. Basic Gravy
  17. Basmati Lemon Rice
  18. Basmati Rice Salad
  19. Basmati Rice With Raisins, Nuts and Peas
  20. Batata (potato) Cutlets
  21. Beach Bar Chicken and Cashew Salad
  22. Beef With Cashews
  23. Bhindi Kerala Style
  24. Bhopali Roti
  25. Bir Mala's Khichari (mung Beans and Rice)
  26. Biriani - Delhi, India
  27. Biryani - Delhi, India
  28. Blueberry-Cashew Pancakes
  29. Bombay Nut And Raisin Mix
  30. Bombay Rice Curry
  31. Brazil And Cashew Nut Roast With Chestnut Stu
  32. Brown Rice and Vegetable Salad
  33. Brown Rice With Cashews, Spinach, And Mushrooms
  34. Brussels Sprouts With Cashews (2 PTS)
  35. Butter Rum Cashews
  36. Butterscotch Tartlets
  37. Bye-Bye Birdy Curry Dip
  38. Cabbage, Carrot And Cashew Salad
  39. Cantonese Sweet And Sour Chicken
  40. Carrot And Apple Slaw
  41. Carrot Pudding - {Gajar Ka Halwa}
  42. Carrot-Orange Soup With A Toasted Cashew Garnish
  43. Carrots And Raisins Revisited
  44. Carrots With Cashew Nuts
  45. Cashew - Pimiento Cheese Sauce
  46. Cashew Barfi
  47. Cashew Cheddar Roll
  48. Cashew Chicken - 1
  49. Cashew Chicken Chop Suey
  50. Cashew Chicken Stir-Fry
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