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Fish sauce

Fish sauce is a key ingredient in many Thai, Vietnamese and other south-east Asian cuisines.

Fish sauce refers to all sauces that are made from fermented fish. That is often where the similarities end as different countries have different types of fish sauce, often made from entirely different fish and other additional ingredients. Some sauces only use dried fish, some only use fresh fish, some will contain shellfish and some will only contain the internal organs of the fish. Most will have salt added and some will have extra herbs and spices added.

In Thailand fish sauce is known as nam pla (you will also find it sold in many Western shops as nam pla). In Vietnam it is called Nuoc mam; in Cambodia it is teuk trei and in Burma it is ngan byar yay.

Several cultures use blocks of dried fish from which they shave off small pieces to add to dishes to produce a similar flavor to fish sauce; the Malaysian belacan, a dried shrimp paste, is an example of this.

Do not be put off by the smell of fish sauce. Although it smells pretty noxious on its own it adds a pleasant fishy and salty background note to a dish.

Relevant Recipes for Fish sauce

Recipe Names

  1. Beer Fish Sauce
  2. Fish Sauce With Lemon, Parsley, And Tomato
  3. Fish Sauce With Lemon, Parsley, And Tomato
  4. Fish Sauce, To Keep A Year
  5. Grilled Eggplant With Prawns And Fish Sauce
  6. Grilled Mussels With Hot Fish Sauce
  7. Sweet And Sour Fish Sauce ( Prik Naam Plaa )

Recipe Ingredients

  1. A Two Course Rice - (Arroz Abanda)
  2. Asian Chicken Salad Over Rice Noodle Cake
  3. Asian Chicken Slaw
  4. Asian Fish Packets (Le Colonial)
  5. Asian Peanut Slaw
  6. Asian Pesto With Grilled Shrimp
  7. Asian Porterhouse
  8. Asian Shrimp And Noodles
  9. Asian Steak Marinade - Porterhouse
  10. Asian Turkey-Noodle Soup With Ginger And Chiles
  11. Asparagus and Crab Meat Soup (Mang Tay Nau Cua)
  12. Asparagus Crab Soup (Sup Mang Tay Cua)
  13. Asparagus Thai-Style W/ Chilies, Garlic, & Basil
  14. Aubergine With Pork And Prawns - Makhua Phao Song Kruang
  15. Avery Island Stir Fry
  16. Bangkok-Style Pummelo Salad - {Yum Som-O}
  17. Barbecued Spare Ribs Marinated With Coriander
  18. Barbecued Vietnamese Five-Spice Cornish Game Hens
  19. Bayswater Brasserie Seared Sea Scallops In Lime Broth
  20. Bean Curd And Fish Ball Soup
  21. Bean Thread Salad (Yum Woon Sen)
  22. Bean Thread Salad (Yum Woon Sen)
  23. Beef Balls
  24. Beef Noodle Soup
  25. Beef Shredded With Garlic And Peppercorns
  26. Beer Battered Soft-Shell Crabs With Asian Dipping Sauce
  27. Bhud Thai (Flat Noodles With Prawn, Chicken And Peanuts)
  28. Black Bass With Green Tea Tempura
  29. Black Chili Paste - Nam Prik Pow
  30. Black Lychee Tea Smoked Lobster And Mango
  31. Black Lychee Tea Smoked Lobster And Mango Summer Rolls
  32. Braised Duck (Or Mussels) W. Red Curry
  33. Braised Duck With Red Curry
  34. Braised Fish Fillet With Tofu Puff
  35. Broiled Or Grilled Marinated Chicken (Gai Yang)
  36. Burmese Chicken Curry
  37. Burmese Dry Chicken Curry
  38. Cambodian Chicken-Coconut Soup
  39. Caramel Sauce
  40. Catfish Sweet Potato Chowder
  41. Chao Tom (Shrimp and Sugar Cane Rolls)
  42. Charcoaled Squid - Pla Muk Yang
  43. Chiang Mai Lettuce Cups - {Larb}
  44. Chicken and Coconut Milk Soup (Gaeng Com Yam Gai)
  45. Chicken And Ginger In Caramel Sauce - {Ga Kho}
  46. Chicken And Napa Cabbage Stir-Fry
  47. Chicken And Seafood Trio In A Basket
  48. Chicken Coconut Soup
  49. Chicken Coconut Soup
  50. Chicken Coconut Soup
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