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Fleur de sel

Fleur de sel is one of most expensive salts in the world. It is harvested in Brittany, France. It is naturally a slightly grey colour which comes from the minerals that are collected with the salt during harvesting. It is usually sold in jars as it is slightly wet.

It is generally used as a table salt rather than in the kitchen, although chefs will sometimes sprinkle fleur de sel over their food just before serving.

Fleur de sel is literally translated from the French as 'flower of salt'.

Whether the expense of the salt is justified is of some debate. The Portugese produce a very similar product, flor de sal, which many salt experts consider superior to fleur de sel and which retails for under half the price. It also lacks the grey color, which means it is not distinctive. Many consider Fleur de sel to be delicious but a slight triumph of French marketing and maybe slightly over-rated.