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A Taco is a Mexican dish which consists of a soft tortilla filled with a variety of food. In Mexico, the filling ingredients tend to be shredded meat (chicken or beef are most popular) or cheese (Oaxaca cheeese or similar string-like cheese is the most popular). Additional popular ingredients include salsa, guacamole, salt, lemon juice, onions and cucumbers.

The warm tortilla is filled with the ingredients and then either wrapped over itself or made into a U-shape to make it easier to eat.

In the United States a taco is more likely to be in a hard shell tortilla or, more rarely, prepared in a soft tortilla and then deep fried. Fast food restaurants tend to use the hard shell tortillas and then fill them with ground (or shredded) beef, pork or chicken, cheese and lettuce. Sour cream and tomato are other populer additions.

There is some argument about the difference between a taco and quesadilla but the generally accepted difference is that a taco consists of a tortilla that has already cooked food added into it and is then eaten, while a quesadilla is cooked after it has been filled.

Relevant Recipes for Taco

Recipe Names

  1. "Trash Bag" Taco Salad
  2. 7-Layer Taco Dip
  3. Almost La Victoria's Green Taco Sauce
  4. Beef Taco Bake (6 PTS)
  5. Beef Taco Skillet
  6. Beefy Taco Bake
  7. Black Bean Taco Salad (4 PTS)
  8. Brocco Taco Salad
  9. Buffalo Taco Meat
  10. Cheesy Taco Casserole
  11. Chicken Taco
  12. Chicken Taco Biscuit Wraps
  13. Chicken Taco Casserole
  14. Chicken Taco Party
  15. Chicken Taco Pockets
  16. Chicken Taco Salad
  17. Chicken Taco Salad, Low Fat
  18. Creamy Taco Dip
  19. Crescent Taco Pie
  20. Crescent Taco Pie
  21. Crescent Taco Pie
  22. Crispy Taco Bites
  23. Dieter's Taco Salad
  24. Easy Taco Pot Pie
  25. Easy Taco Salad
  26. El Charro Salsa Para Tacos (Taco Sauce)
  27. Famous Taco Dip
  28. Fiesta Taco Casserole ( 8 points)
  29. Fish Taco Brochettes
  30. Fried Catfish Taco With Chipotle Slaw
  31. Great Taco Soup
  32. Green Taco Sauce
  33. Grilled Chicken And Red Pepper Taco
  34. Grilled Chorizo Taco With Roasted Tomato Salsa
  35. Grilled Taco Cheeseburgers
  36. Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix
  37. Impossible Chicken Taco Pie
  38. Impossibly Easy Taco Pie
  39. Jack-In-The-Box Taco
  40. Lamb And Grilled Onion Taco With Fresh Mint & Tomato Salsa
  41. Margaret's Taco Soup
  42. Maui Tacos Fish Taco With Pineapple Tomato Salsa
  43. Mexicali Rose Taco Salad
  44. Mexican Taco Sauce
  45. Mom's Taco Casserole
  46. Nadine's Taco Sauce
  47. Pasta-Taco Salad
  48. Ranch Taco Chicken Salad
  49. Saucy Beef Taco Pizza
  50. Skillet Taco Pie
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Recipe Ingredients

  1. "Trash Bag" Taco Salad
  2. 7 Layer Mexican Dip - Rachel's
  3. 7-Layer Dip
  4. 7-Layer Mexican Dip - 1
  5. 7-Layer Mexican Dip - D. J.'s
  6. 7-Layer Taco Dip
  7. Asparagus And Smoked Chicken Enchiladas
  8. Aztec Pyramid Avocado Dip
  9. Beef And Potato Tacos (9 PTS)
  10. Big Mouth Sandwich
  11. Blackened Chicken Mini Tacos
  12. Book Club Chili
  13. Breakfast Burritos
  14. Chalupa Dip
  15. Cheddar-Bacon Dip
  16. Cheesy Beef Nachos
  17. Cheesy Mexican Chicken Skillet
  18. Cheesy Taco Casserole
  19. Chicken Nacho Tacos
  20. Chicken Picante
  21. Chicken Stew Mexican Style
  22. Chicken Taco
  23. Chicken Taco Party
  24. Chicken Taco Pockets
  25. Chicken Taco Salad
  26. Chicken Taco Salad, Low Fat
  27. Chicken Tacos
  28. Chicken Tacos
  29. Chicken Tacos - 1
  30. Chicken Taquitos (6 PTS)
  31. Chicken Tostadas
  32. Chicken-Chili Stew
  33. Chile Beef Tacos
  34. Chile Con Queso Dip
  35. Chiles Rellenos De San Diego
  36. Chili Dip
  37. Chili Mac 'n' Cheese
  38. Chili Turkey
  39. Chili's Enchilada Casserole
  40. Cobble Corn Chili Tacos
  41. Colorful Mexican Carne
  42. Creamy Taco Dip
  43. Crescent Taco Pie
  44. Crescent Taco Pie
  45. Crescent Taco Pie
  46. Crock Pot Braciole
  47. Crock Pot Chili Verde Recipe
  48. Crockpot Mexican Style Short Ribs
  49. Crockpot Refried Bean Dip
  50. Debbie's Chalupa Dip
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