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A Mooli is a giant white radish, which is widely used in Japanese and Asian cooking. It can be eaten raw or cooked. It has a peppery taste to it, similar to watercress. The leaves of the Mooli can be used in salads although they discolour when refrigerated and hence they are rarely sold with the Mooli itself.

Mooli can be prepared in a variety of ways, including pickling, frying and steaming. It is most widely known as a garnish alongside sashimi and other Japanese dishes. It is also pickled in Japan and Korea for use in a wide variety of dishes; in Korea it is made into a type of kimchi called kkakdugi. The Chinese use it frequently in dim sum, especially in steamed dumplings (lobag gow, also known as mooli dumplings, are the best known of these). Mooli is also widely used in Punjapi recipes, especially in salads.

Though most widely known as daikon, it is also called Japanese or Chinese radish, winter radish, moo or beh-cai-tao (Korea), labanos, rabu, phakkat-hua, củ cải trắng (Thai), lobak, loh bak, lo-bok or lo bok (Canton).

Mooli is sold in most Asian or Caribbean food shops.

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