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The Perfect Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary was invented in 1921 by Fernand Petiot in Harry's New York Bar, Paris. It originally consisted of vodka, tomato juice and a dash of Worcestershire Sauce.

This is a rather more sophisticated version which, to my mind, makes the perfect Bloody Mary. The addition of wasabi powder (the powder you add water to in order to make wasabi paste) adds a kick to the drink that traditionally was offered by grated horseradish. The sherry adds an extra smoothness to the drink without distracting from the vodka and tomato.


2 oz vodka
10 oz tomato juice
2 dashes of Worcestershire Sauce
A pinch of freshly ground black pepper
Pinch of wasabi powder
One tablespoon dry sherry (preferably Fino)
One teaspoon lemon juice

Serving Suggestion

Mix all the ingredients in a jug or cocktail shaker. Chill for an hour (or used chilled tomato juice to prepare) and then thoroughly mix before serving. Pour into highball glasses. Some people prefer ice in their Bloody Mary but a well chilled cocktail should need no additional ice. You may prefer to add additional Worcestershire Sauce and I always serve a Bloody Mary with a bottle of the famous sauce for guests to adjust the seasoning to their own taste.

Serves two.