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A Platter Of Seasonal Fresh Fruit

Type: Fruit
Courses: Snacks
Serves: 1 people

Recipe Ingredients

  Seasonal fresh fruit, in contrasting Colors, washed, Pitted, peeled, or stemmed as necessary,
  For example:
1   Mango
3   Fresh figs
1   Fresh raspberries
  Green grapes, on the stem
1   Or 2 whole oranges - peeled, and Sliced into wheels
  Minced fresh mint or fresh mint sprigs, And pansies, for garnish

Recipe Instructions

Make a "porcupine" of mango. Cut remaining fruit in slices or pieces as needed; not bite-size, but large distinct pieces. Halve or quarter fresh figs. Leave raspberries whole, and grapes on the stem. Arrange attractively on large platter. Garnish with fresh mint and pansies.

"CHEF DU JOUR - (Show # DJ-9338) - from the TV FOOD NETWORK"


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