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All-In-One Salad Bowl

Courses: Salads
Serves: 6 people

Recipe Ingredients

6   Artichoke hearts - cut in
1 cup 160g / 5.6ozGreen beans - cooked, drained chilled
1/2   Bermuda onion - thinly sliced
1 cup 237mlPeas - cooked, drained
1/2 cup 118mlRadishes - sliced
2 cups 474mlSalad greens - broken
1   Tomato - cut in eighths
3/4 cup 177mlSalad oil
1/4 cup 59mlVinegar
1/4 teaspoon 1.3mlSugar
3/4 teaspoon 3.8mlSalt
1/8 teaspoon 0.6mlPepper
1   Garlic - crushed
1   Egg - hard-cooked, chopped
1/4 cup 59mlMustard pickle

Recipe Instructions

Place artichoke hearts, green beans, onion, peas, radishes, salad greens and tomato in salad bowl.

Toss together lightly. Place the next 8 ingredients in a jar or shaker; blend thoroughly. Pour enough dressing over salad to moisten and toss lightly again.

Florence P. Hanford's Television Kitchen Meals 1964


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