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Utah Centennial Grand Prize Winning Chili Verdi

Serves: 4 people

Recipe Ingredients

8   Jalapeno peppers - seeded
5   Anaheim peppers - roasted, peeled, seeded
2   Whole green chilies
4   Boneless pork steaks*
2   Onions - chopped (medium)
5   -- flour**
2   Chicken broth
3   Garlic chopped - minced, or pressed
1 teaspoon 5mlDried oregano - fresh may be substituted
1 teaspoon 5mlCumin - ground
1 tablespoon 15mlChili powder - the best comes from New Mexico!
  Salt and pepper to taste
1 teaspoon 5mlSugar
1 tablespoon 15mlApple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon 5mlCayenne pepper
1 teaspoon 5mlTobacco sauce
3 lbs 1362g / 48ozFresh ground beef
1   Tomatoes canned or fresh
2 tablespoons 30mlWorcestershire sauce

Recipe Instructions

Add more peppers of any varieties (make small sample batches when experimenting with chilies of unknown heat, variety, or flavor)to suit your taste.

* or equivalent chunks of a cheaper cut of fresh pork - tougher cuts may be used as the meat will become tender as it cooks (turkey, chicken, beef, or other meats may be substituted)

** I use a 50-50 mixture of fine ground corn and wheat flour)

Broil or grill large chunks meat or steaks, with the peeled garlic and quartered onion until they are cooked. Remember to place a metal pan under the cooking food to catch the flavorful dripping to use in the gravy. (My family likes the meat, garlic, and onions to be well done, brown, very crisp, and black on the edges.) Remove these cooked items and store in a refrigerator. Reserve the dripping to make gravy.

Wearing plastic gloves when handling peppers. Remove and discard the stems from the peppers. Seeds add heat. I throw away the seeds to all but 3 or 4 peppers.

Start on the mild side and experiment with amounts of seeds included to find the heat level you like best.

Broil or grill the fresh chilies until the skin darkens and blisters. Remove the peppers from the heat source and set aside to cool. Peel and discard the pepper's skins. Place the peppers in the refrigerator.

Remember the drippings you saved? Put the dripping into a large heavy duty kettle (4-6 quart or larger). A slow cooker or crock pot will also work well. Add the additional liquid (broth or water) to the pot.

Prepare a gravy by mixing the flour with a small amount of cold water to make a thin paste. While stirring constantly, slowly add the paste (flour water mixture) to the broth. Stir as you cook the broth over a medium heat. It will thicken as it boils for a few minutes.

Add all other ingredients. Simmer slowly over low heat (just barely boiling) for 2 - 24 hours. Stir frequently. After about 2 hours of cooking the Chili Verde, it's easy to shred the meat. Using a potato masher or similar instrument press the cooked Verde as you would mashed potatoes (Remember the food is hot! Take precautions not to burn yourself or others from either the food or cooking equipment.) The idea is to shred the meat, not smash it to death.

Serve unadorned, with tortillas, over rice or beans, smothered with cheese and chopped green onions, smothering burritos, in a bread bowl, as a side dish, etc.

The prize winning Chili Verdi simmered slowly in a crock pot for 24 hours prior to the judging, and was served with fresh warm tortillas.

This Chili Verde recipe has been tested and used by many area cooks, and they may be used at the individual discretion and risk of the user. However, there are no warranties or guarantees as to the quality, goodness, accuracy, or correctness of the information included here-in.

First Prize Chili Winning recipe at the 1996 Tooele County Centennial Chili Cook-Off

John Thorne Sep/Oct Chile Pepper Magazine


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