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Sage is a small evergreen subshrub, with woody stems, grayish leaves, and blue to purplish flowers. It is native to the Mediterranean region.

In Britain and sage is used with onion for poultry or pork stuffing and also in sauces. In French cuisine, sage is used for cooking white meat and in vegetable soups. Germans often use it in sausage dishes, and sage forms the dominant flavouring in the English Lincolnshire sausage. Sage is also common in Italian cooking. Sage is sauteed in olive oil and butter until crisp, then plain or stuffed pasta is added (burro e salvia). In the Balkans and the Middle East, it is used when roasting mutton.

Sage has a fragrant aroma and an astringent but warm flavor.

Sage is grown in the United States. It also is grown in Dalmatia and Albania.

Sage was believed to increase mental acuity in Roman times. It was used in the Middle Ages as a healing herb to treat memory loss, epilepsy and fevers, infection, intestinal problems and eye problems. Charlemagne had it grown in his royal gardens.

Relevant Recipes for Sage

Recipe Names

  1. Acorn Squash Risotto With Duck And Sage
  2. Baked Pumpkins Stuffed With Sausage And Sage
  3. Balsamic Barbecued Chicken With Garlic, Rosemary And Sage
  4. Beet Soup With Sage And Shallots
  5. Bread And Butter Stuffing With Fresh Sage
  6. Broiled Rainbow Trout With Pine Nut Stuffing & Sage Butter
  7. Broiled Sage Chicken
  8. Brown Rice Saute With Parsley And Sage
  9. Butter And Sage Sauce
  10. Butternut Squash Sauce With Sage
  11. Butternut Squash Soup With Parmesan And Fried Sage Leaves
  12. Butternut Squash With Tangerine And Sage Glaze
  13. Butternut Squash, Parmesan And Sage Pizzas
  14. Carnival Squash Soup, With Fried Sage And Shaved Parmesan
  15. Carrot-Sage Pasta
  16. Cheddar, Sage, And Walnut Torta
  17. Chicken Breasts With Prosciutto And Sage
  18. Chicken Marsala With Sage
  19. Chicken Roasted On Leeks And Sage Sprigs
  20. Chicken With Olives, Caramelized Onions, And Sage
  21. Chicken: Citrus Sage Chicken Breasts
  22. Citrus Sage Chicken Breasts
  23. Cold Sweet Pepper Soup With Sage
  24. Corn Cakes With Walnuts And Sage
  25. Cranberry Sage Chutney
  26. Creamy Mashed Potatoes With Goat Cheese And Fresh Sage
  27. Creamy Sage-Giblet Gravy
  28. Deep-Fried Sage Leaves
  29. Elsa's Jumbo Shrimp With Sage And Pancetta
  30. Fresh Country Pork Sausage With Pepper And Sage
  31. Garlicky White Beans, Sage And Orecchiette
  32. Goat Cheese, Apricot, And Sage-Stuffed Chicken Breasts
  33. Gorgonzola And Sage Pizzas
  34. Grilled Chicken Sandwiches With Sage Pesto And Apples
  35. Grilled Perch With Sage
  36. Grilled Perch With Sage
  37. Grilled Sage Stuffed Chicken
  38. Grilled Sage-Marinated Pork Chops With Sweet Potatoes
  39. Honey Brined Chicken With Lemon And Sage
  40. Honey-Sage-Raisin Compound Butter
  41. Italian White Bean Turkey Soup With Sage
  42. Kale Ricotta Dumplings With Sage Brown Butter
  43. Lemon And Sage Roasted Chicken With Caramelized Endive
  44. Lemon, Sage, And Garlic Roast Chicken
  45. Liver-Sage Sausage
  46. Low-Fat Sage & Garlic Scented Turkey Broth w/Couscous (2 Pt
  47. Maple-Roasted Turkey With Sage, Smoked Bacon, Cornbread Stuf
  48. Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes With Fried Sage Leaves
  49. Mom's Beef Stew Topped With Sage Parmesan Biscuits
  50. Monkfish In Sage Sauce
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Recipe Ingredients

  1. "Finger Lickin" Pickens' Sauce
  2. 'Stuffed' Pork Chops With Sausage And Apricots
  3. 20 Clove Of Garlic Roasted Game Hens
  4. 400-Clove Garlic Turkey From The Stinking Rose
  5. ABC Nut Loaf
  6. Acorn Squash Risotto With Duck And Sage
  7. Acorn Squash With Apple-Cornbread Stuffing
  8. All-American Turkey
  9. Allegheny Breaded Ducks
  10. Almost Kentucky Fried Chicken
  11. Alpine Baked Pasta
  12. Amish Dressing
  13. Andouille
  14. Angel Of Death Cheese Spread
  15. Apple And Sausage Stuffing
  16. Apple-Pecan Dressing
  17. Apple-Pecan Stuffing
  18. Apple-Raisin Stuffing (for turkey or goose)
  19. Applesauce And Spice Basted Slow-Grilled Pork Roast
  20. Apricot Biscotti
  21. Aromatic Vinegar
  22. Artichoke Hearts Toscana
  23. Aztec Chicken
  24. Baby Artichoke Calvados Saute
  25. Baby Beets And Pistachio Crusted Goat Cheese On Frisee
  26. Bacon-Wrapped Pork and Apple Patties
  27. Bacon-Wrapped Scallop Tournedos With Summer Succotash
  28. Bajan Chicken Satays With An Exotic Fruit Salsa
  29. Baked Artichokes
  30. Baked Chicken (Butter Buds)
  31. Baked Onions With Rice, Apple, And Nut Stuffing
  32. Baked Polenta W/Italian Sausage, Mushrooms And Three Cheese
  33. Baked Pumpkins Stuffed With Sausage And Sage
  34. Baked Salmon Provencale
  35. Baked Stuffed Red Snapper
  36. Baked Turkey Croquettes
  37. Balsamic Barbecued Chicken With Garlic, Rosemary And Sage
  38. Banana Squash And Potato Soup
  39. Barbara Zack's Turkey Stuffing
  40. Barbecue Sauce - Texas Style
  41. Barbecued Turkey With Herbs
  42. Barley, Kale And Kidney Bean Stew
  43. Basic Bread Stuffing
  44. Basic Homemade Country Sausage
  45. Basic Stuffing
  46. Basil Marinated Catfish With Pickled Peaches
  47. Bean And Barley Soup - {Minestra Di Fagioli}
  48. Bean And Winter Squash Gratin With Garlicky Bread Crumbs
  49. Bean Casserole (4 PTS)
  50. Bean Casserole (4.5 PTS)
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