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Tamari is a variety of Japanese soy sauce that has a dark brown color. It is slightly thicker than common, store-bought soy sauce and has a stronger flavor.

Tamari is typically used to season foods while they are cooked like soups, stews and tamari almonds. Another variety of Japanese soy sauce called shoyu is more commonly used on the table for adding seasoning to foods.

It contains little or no wheat; wheat-free tamari is popular among people eating a wheat free diet

Relevant Recipes for Tamari

Recipe Names

  1. Asian Pear Salad With Tamari Pecans And Maytag Blue Cheese
  2. Grilled Catfish In Tamari-Coriander Marinade
  3. Tamari-Ginger Fish

Recipe Ingredients

  1. Acorn Squash With Walnut and White Bean Stuffing (6 PTS)
  2. Ancient Grain And Vegetable Patties
  3. Arame-Stuffed Mushroom Caps
  4. Asian Dressing
  5. Asian Marinade (For Fish)
  6. Asian Pear Salad With Tamari Pecans And Maytag Blue Cheese
  7. Asian-American Ginger Burgers
  8. Asian-Style Green Papaya Salad
  9. Asparagus & Mushrooms With Black Bean Sauce
  10. Asparagus And Avocado Cream Soup
  11. Baconless Bits
  12. Baked Barbecued Tempeh
  13. Baked Breaded Tempeh Cutlets
  14. Baked Chicken Supreme
  15. Baked Spring Rolls With Crab
  16. Baked Tofu With Braised Peppers And Onions
  17. Baked Tofu With Ratatouille Vegetables
  18. Barbecued Sauerkraut
  19. Bayou Bean Burgers
  20. Bean Sprout Salad
  21. Belgian Endive, Spinach, And Radicchio Salad With Mustard Vinaigrette
  22. Benihana Magic Mustard Sauce
  23. Blue Plate Special - Hot Seitan Sandwich
  24. Bolognese Sauce
  25. Broccoli And Water Chestnuts In Citrus-Ginger Sauce
  26. Broccoli, Tempeh, And Tomato Salad
  27. Bulgur Burgers
  28. Butternut Ambrosia Salad
  29. Cafe Kula Grilled Tofu
  30. Candied Yams II
  31. Cape Cod Cakes
  32. Cashew Ginger Sauce
  33. Chanterelles With Sun Dried Tomato Pesto
  34. Charcoal Grilled Shiitakes
  35. Chicken Oriental Burgers With Grilled Shiitake
  36. Chicken Satay Stir-Fry With Orange Scented Jasmine Rice
  37. Chilled Salmon With White Miso And Summer Melons
  38. Chinese Barbecued Chunks
  39. Chinese Five Spice Sauce
  40. Chinese Vegetable Soup
  41. Chinese Vegetables
  42. Chuck's Barley-Mushroom Winter Borscht (Vegan Or Lacto)
  43. Citrus-Rosemary Marinade
  44. Cold Noodles With Tempeh
  45. Cold Oriental Noodles With Peanut Sauce
  46. Cream Of Asparagus
  47. Cream Of Fresh Asparagus Soup
  48. Creamy Bulgur, Corn, And Asparagus Salad
  49. Critterless Chili
  50. Croatian Vegetable-Cheese Musaka
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