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Garbanzo bean, is an edible legume of the family Fabaceae.

Mature garbanzo can be cooked and eaten cold in salads, cooked in stews, ground into a flour called gram flour, ground and shaped in balls and fried as falafel, fermented to make an alcoholic drink similar to sake, stirred into a batter and baked to make farinata, cooked and ground into a paste called hummus or roasted, spiced and eaten as a snack.

Garbanzo beans (also known as chickpeas) have a delicious nutlike taste and buttery texture. They provide a good source of protein that can be enjoyed year-round and are available either dried or canned.

The beans are grown in the Mediterranean, western Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Domestically they can be sprouted within a few days all year round with a sprouter on a windowsill.

Relevant Recipes for Garbanzo

Recipe Names

  1. Aladdin Curried Garbanzo Beans And Potatoes
  2. Braised Short Ribs With Garbanzo Beans And Raisins
  3. Bread Salad With Garbanzo Beans, Chard And Tuna
  4. Chewy Garbanzo Spice Bars
  5. Chicken Garbanzo Tabouli
  6. Chopped Antipasto Salad With Toasted Garbanzo Beans
  7. Cold Garbanzo And Cucumber Salad
  8. Cuban Pork And Garbanzo Bean Soup
  9. Curried Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans)
  10. Curried Garbanzo Beans
  11. Eggplant-Garbanzo Moussaka
  12. Garbanzo and Carrot Salad
  13. Garbanzo And Fresh Vegetable Salad
  14. Garbanzo Bean And Tahini Burgers
  15. Garbanzo Bean Burger With Tehina Onion Sauce
  16. Garbanzo Bean Salad
  17. Garbanzo Bean Salad With Tomatoes And Chipotle Chilies
  18. Garbanzo Bean Sandwiches ( 7 points)
  19. Garbanzo Bean Spread
  20. Garbanzo Bean, Tuna And Onion Salad, Creamy Lemon Dressing
  21. Garbanzo Beans And Spinach Casserole
  22. Garbanzo Cassoulet
  23. Garbanzo Cucumber Salad
  24. Garbanzo Guacamole
  25. Garbanzo Minestrone
  26. Garbanzo Pizza
  27. Garbanzo Salsa
  28. Garbanzo Sesame Spread
  29. Garbanzo Stew
  30. Garbanzo, Pineapple, Panela (Or Piloncillo), Canela Topping
  31. Garbanzo-Rice Chili ( 6 points)
  32. Grilled Shrimp and Pancetta With Garbanzo Salsa
  33. Layered Garbanzo Bean PEte - {Topik}
  34. Lemony Garbanzo Spread
  35. Lentil, Garbanzo Bean And Tomato Salad
  36. Minted Millet, Cucumber and Garbanzo Salad
  37. Moroccan Lentil And Garbanzo Soup - {Harira}
  38. Pasta & Garbanzo Beans With Roasted Vegetables
  39. Pasta And Garbanzo Bean Soup
  40. Pasta With Garbanzo Beans
  41. Pasta With Spinach, Garbanzo Beans And Golden Raisins
  42. Potato Garbanzo Gnocchis
  43. Roasted Red Pepper, Corn And Garbanzo Bean Salad
  44. Spanish Garbanzo Beans
  45. Spicy Garbanzo Bean Soup
  46. Spicy Garbanzo Beans And Tomatoes
  47. Sweet-And-Spicy Garbanzo Stew
  48. Sweet-And-Spicy Garbanzo Stew
  49. Tangy Garbanzo Dip
  50. Tuna And Garbanzo Salad
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Recipe Ingredients

  1. "Forgotten" Minestrone
  2. 2 Terrific Salad Sides: 3 Bean Salad And Potato Salad
  3. 5 Bean Salad
  4. Abgousht - Beef Stew
  5. African Vegetable Stew
  6. Aladdin Curried Garbanzo Beans And Potatoes
  7. Alex's Falafel Pita Burger
  8. Amy's Chili With Hominy
  9. Another Bean Salad
  10. Asian Turkey And Red Onion Salsa
  11. Banana Rice Bread
  12. Bbq Beef And Beans
  13. Bean-Cheese Pie ( 5 PTS)
  14. Beef & Tequila Stew
  15. Bell Pepper-And-Potato Tagine Over Couscous (6.5 PTS)
  16. Bhel Poori
  17. Big Bowl Chili
  18. Black Bean Gazpacho
  19. Black Bean Gazpacho (3 PTS)
  20. Black Bean Salad
  21. Black Bean Salad - 2
  22. Bowl Of The Wife Of Kit Carson
  23. Braised Short Ribs With Garbanzo Beans And Raisins
  24. Bread Salad With Garbanzo Beans, Chard And Tuna
  25. Bruschetta
  26. Casbah Couscous Salad
  27. Chewy Garbanzo Spice Bars
  28. Chicken Garbanzo Tabouli
  29. Chickpea Salad
  30. Chickpea Stew
  31. Chickpeas With Garlic, Tomatoes and Green Chilies
  32. Chole
  33. Chole "Bill And Jim" (Chick Peas)
  34. Chopped Antipasto Salad With Toasted Garbanzo Beans
  35. Clad Tlapeno
  36. Cold Garbanzo And Cucumber Salad
  37. Confetti Bean Chili
  38. Connola's Chicken Chili
  39. Connola's Chicken Chili
  40. Consumer Reports Chili
  41. Couscous Salad
  42. Couscous With Chick-Peas And Tomatoes
  43. Couscous With Currants
  44. Cuban Bean Salad
  45. Cuban Pork And Garbanzo Bean Soup
  46. Cucumber Logs Filled With Black And Gold
  47. Curried Couscous-Chicken Salad
  48. Curried Garbanzo Beans
  49. Curried Tuna Salad In Red Pepper
  50. Curried Vegetable Stew With Tamarind & Coconut Milk
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