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Chinese parsley

For Chinese parsley see cilantro.

Relevant Recipes for Chinese parsley

Recipe Names

  1. Bean Curd With Chinese Parsley
  2. Fresh Chinese Parsley (Cilantro) And Mint Chutney

Recipe Ingredients

  1. "Los Venganza Del Almo" Chili
  2. Asparagus Crab Soup (Sup Mang Tay Cua)
  3. Bean Curd With Chinese Parsley
  4. Beef Chow Fun
  5. Bhel
  6. Bill Pfeiffer's "Los Venganza Del Almo" Chili
  7. Bo Lo Shao Ji (Chicken With Pineapple)
  8. Braised Dried Oysters With Black Moss
  9. Chiang Mai Lettuce Cups - {Larb}
  10. Chinese Chicken Salad With Glazed Walnuts
  11. Chinese Coleslaw
  12. Chiu Chow Dumplings
  13. Country-Style Sausage Patties
  14. Dim Sum Turkey Balls
  15. Duck Soup - Chinese Style
  16. Duck Soup, Chinese Style
  17. Fish With Olives And Bean Curd
  18. Fresh Chinese Parsley (Cilantro) And Mint Chutney
  19. Fresh Vietnamese Rice Paper Bundles
  20. Fried Milk With Crabmeat
  21. Garlic Steamed Dungeness Crab
  22. Gee Bow Gai (Parchment Chicken)
  23. Indian Curried Potato Soup
  24. Indian Lime Soup
  25. Kruang Kaeng Khew Wan (Green Curry Paste)
  26. Lamb Firepot
  27. Lobster With Sizzling Ginger-Chili Oil
  28. Los Venganza Del Almo Chili
  29. Mongolian Barbecued Lamb Or Beef
  30. Mulligatawny Soup With Toasted Spices And Nuts
  31. Neela's Eggplant And Potato - Madhur Jaffrey
  32. Popping Clams With Sizzling Rice
  33. Raw Fish Salad
  34. Roast Turkey Chinese Style
  35. Sa-Teh On Skewers
  36. Sai Wo Duck B1
  37. Salmon Steak With Cloud Ears And Noodles
  38. Salt-Roasted Chicken With Marinade
  39. Satay On Skewers
  40. Satay On Skewers
  41. Sesame Fish Cakes
  42. Shoyu Chicken
  43. Shoyu Chicken
  44. Singha Naked Shrimp Salad Thai Style
  45. Sizzling Rice Hot And Sour Soup
  46. Spicy Asian Chicken Wings
  47. Steamed Fresh Crab In Curry Sauce
  48. Steamed Tofu With Shrimp Mousse II
  49. Steamed Whole Fish
  50. Stuffed Steamed Trout
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