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Juniper berries

Juniper berries are a spice which is widely used in European cuisines to impart a clean, sharp flavour to meats (especially wild game and wild birds) and is one of the main flavourings of gin.

The berries are technically part of the cone of the juniper plant rather than a fruit. The berries must be crushed to impart their full flavour and are best used fresh as they lose their intensity over time. They can be bought dried or, occasionally, fresh.

The best juniper berries are grown in Tuscany and Umbria but the majority are bought by gin distilleries as the main botanical for flavouring the drink.

Gin takes its name from the Dutch spelling of juniper, jenever, or possibly from the French spelling, genievre.

Relevant Recipes for Juniper berries

Recipe Names

  1. Cider Apples With Juniper Berries
  2. Roast Pork Tenderloin With Juniper Berries

Recipe Ingredients

  1. 'Burn Your Fingers' Lamb - {D'Agnello Scottadito}
  2. Amish Pork Sampler With Sauerkraut And Apples
  3. Anasazi Beans With Juniper
  4. Basic Liquid Game Marinade
  5. Beef Pastrami
  6. Beer-Brined Chicken With Giblet Gravy
  7. Braised Goose With Fresh Chestnuts
  8. Braised Pork - {Brasato Di Maiale}
  9. Braised Red Cabbage And Cranberries With Juniper And Gin
  10. Cabbage With Gin And Juniper
  11. Chicken Braised In Sauerkraut
  12. Chicken Gloria
  13. Chicken In Wine - {Pollo Al Vino}
  14. Choucroute
  15. Cider Apples With Juniper Berries
  16. Corned Beef
  17. Corned Beef - 1
  18. Corned Chicken
  19. Corned Chicken (Ja)
  20. Cured Turkey
  21. Dijon-Style Mustard
  22. Duck Pastrami
  23. Emeril's Favorite Choucroute Casserole
  24. Fancified Sauerkraut
  25. Fish Broth With Oysters And Saffron
  26. French-Style Rabbit
  27. Garnished Sauerkraut - (Choucroute Garnie)
  28. Garnished Sauerkraut - {Choucroute Garnie}
  29. German Hasenpfeffer
  30. German Sauerkraut
  31. Giblet Cream Sauce
  32. Giblet Gravy (for 3 small pheasants, or equivalent)
  33. Greek-Style Braised Lamb Shanks
  34. Green Chile Stew
  35. Grilled Venison Chop With Spinach And Sticky Rice Cakes
  36. Herring Pot
  37. John Thorne's Home-Grown Patent Rub
  38. Juniper Roasted Beef w Sweet Garlic Potato & Wild Mushroom
  39. Juniper Spice (American)
  40. Le Choucroute Du Baron
  41. Leg Of Venison, Baked Apples, Red Chard, Cranberry Sauce
  42. Lorenza's Grilled Bread - {Bruschetta Alla Lorenza}
  43. Marinated Loin Of Venison Roasted With Mustard
  44. Mark Peel's Brine
  45. Meat Rolls Stuffed With Ham And Herbs
  46. Molasses Duck Salad
  47. New York-Style Philly Cheese Steak
  48. Old Munich Sauerbraten (Clay-Pot)
  49. Open-Face Salmon Reuben
  50. Pan Roasted Quail With Port Sauce
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