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Most people's first experience of anchovies is on pizzas and it is usually an experience that is enough to put them off anchovies for life. That would be a mistake because anchovies are one of the finest and most delicious small fishes in the world. The ones used on pizzas tend to be over-salted, low quality and overcooked - a very bad combination.

Fresh anchovies (alici in Italian) are no more than 9 inches long and are usually about 3 to 5 inches. They should be gutted and lightly grilled.

Anchovies are a sea fish and do not like extremes of ater temperature; they and are usually caught in the Mediterranean.

Preserved anchovies are usually gutted, salted and then packed in olive oil. They are sometimes packed in a vinegar mix, when they are known as white anchovies (sometimes sold in the United States as 'alici').

Anchovies are the main ingredient in Gentlemen's Relish, an anchovy and butter paste that is popular in some British households. It is spread on toast either for breakfast or tea. Anchovies are an important ingredient in Worcester sauce. A Caesar salad should contain anchovies too although many chefs now choose to leave this ingredient out because it is so often sent back by ignorant diners who did not expect to find fish in their salad.

Relevant Recipes for Anchovy

Recipe Names

  1. Anchovy Bruschetta - {Bruschetti Di Alici}
  2. Anchovy Butter
  3. Anchovy Butter
  4. Anchovy Fritters - {Alici In Polpette}
  5. Anchovy Stuffed Olives
  6. Anchovy Toast
  7. Anchovy Zuppetta, Rowboat Style
  8. Anchovy, Roasted Red Pepper, Potato And Egg Pintxos
  9. Anchovy-Olive Dip
  10. Anchovy-Pimiento Spread
  11. Bagna Cauda (Italian Anchovy Dip)
  12. Baked Squid With Garlic-Anchovy Pasta
  13. Celery And Anchovy Salad
  14. Commander's Garlic-Anchovy Salad Dressing
  15. Fresh White Anchovy And Artichoke Pizza
  16. Fried Calamari With Spicy Anchovy Mayonnaise
  17. Garlic-Anchovy Rub
  18. Grilled Swordfish With Wild Mushroom, Eggplant Ragout And Anchovy Butter
  19. Grilled Tuna With Lemon Anchovy Butter
  20. Hamburgers With Egg And Anchovy
  21. Heart Of Romaine And Watercress With Basil Anchovy Sauce
  22. James' Melanzani And Anchovy Pasta
  23. Jao Bong (Anchovy Dip)
  24. Kicked Up Anchovy-Stuffed Green Olives
  25. Linguine With Anchovy Hot Peppers
  26. Mozzarella And Anchovy Skewers - {Spiedini Alla Romana}
  27. Mozzarella Skewers With Anchovy Sauce
  28. Mozzarella, Zucchini And Anchovy Toasts
  29. Mushroom, Anchovy And Rosemary Focaccia
  30. Nero Wolfe's Bread Triangles Fried In Anchovy
  31. Olive-And-Anchovy Pizza Sauce
  32. Onion-Anchovy Pizza - {Pissaladiere}
  33. Pan-Seared Trout With Anchovy Sauce
  34. Pappa's Italian Anchovy Garlic Spread
  35. Puntarelle In Anchovy Sauce - {Puntarelle Alla Romana}
  36. Roast Beef, Egg And Anchovy Salad
  37. Romaine Salad With Anchovy Vinaigrette
  38. Romaine Spears with Anchovy Vinaigrette
  39. Salmon With Caper-Anchovy Butter
  40. Sevillian Anchovy Boats
  41. Shad Roe With Tomato-Anchovy Sauce
  42. Sole With Anchovy Sauce
  43. Tuna And Anchovy Pasta
  44. Wheat Noodles With Anchovy Sauce - {Bigoli En Salsa}
  45. Zeppole With Anchovy

Recipe Ingredients

  1. A Trio Of Bruschetta
  2. A-1 Sauce
  3. Anchovy Bruschetta - {Bruschetti Di Alici}
  4. Anchovy Butter
  5. Anchovy Butter
  6. Anchovy Fritters - {Alici In Polpette}
  7. Anchovy Stuffed Olives
  8. Anchovy-Olive Dip
  9. Anne's Celery Root Remoulade With Smoked Duck
  10. Artichokes Caponata - {Caponata Di Caciofi}
  11. Assembly Salad
  12. Austrian Lobster Cocktail
  13. Baccala "Monastery" Style - {Baccala Alla Cappuccina}
  14. Bagna Cauda
  15. Bagna Cauda (Garlic Dip)
  16. Bagna Cauda (Italian Anchovy Dip)
  17. Bagna Lauda
  18. Bak-O-Bayou Salad
  19. Baked Artichokes Stuffed With Anchovies And Garlic
  20. Baked Crabmeat And Avocado
  21. Baked Fish Cake
  22. Baked Squid With Garlic-Anchovy Pasta
  23. Baked Ziti With Cauliflower - {Ziti Gratinati}
  24. Better And Hotter Tijuana Caesar
  25. Better And Hotter Tijuana Caesar
  26. Bigoli In Salsa
  27. Black And Green Olive Tapenade
  28. Black And Green Olive Tapenade With Goat Cheese Crostini
  29. Black Olive And Tomato Tapenade
  30. Blue Crab Cakes With Cayenne Mayonnaise
  31. Braised Baby Fennel - {Fenecchiedde}
  32. Braised Broccoli Rabe In The Style Of Puglia
  33. Braised Veal Shank With Marjoram - {Stinco Di Vitello}
  34. Bread Dipping Sauce
  35. Broiled Fish Steaks With Fresh Ginger Sauce
  36. Broiled Swordfish and Cucumber Sauce
  37. Broiled Swordfish Mirabeau
  38. Bucatini With Golden Raisins, Fennel And Pine Nuts
  39. Bud's Caesar Salad Dressing
  40. Caesar Chicken Salad
  41. Caesar Coleslaw
  42. Caesar Dip With Crudites
  43. Caesar Dressing
  44. Caesar Dressing
  45. Caesar Mayo Dip
  46. Caesar Potato Salad
  47. Caesar Salad
  48. Caesar Salad
  49. Caesar Salad
  50. Caesar Salad
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