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Capers are the small unopened buds of the Mediterranean bush, Capparis spinosa L. (syn. Capparis rupestris). It is closely related to the cabbage family, but the plant is more reminiscent of a rose bush.

Salted capers should be rinsed before using to remove the excess salt and pickled capers are usually drained before use. Much used in Mediterranean cooking, they add tanginess to dishes such as pasta sauces, pizzas and salads and go very well with meats and fish, in particular Anchovies and are they key ingredient in Tartare sauce. If you are lucky enough to be able to grow caper plants, the tender young shoots and baby leaves can also be eaten as a vegetable, in salads or pickled.

They have a flavour which can be described as sharp, mustard-like and peppery .

Today, capers are found growing wild all over Mediterranean and are also cultivated in many countries including France, Spain, Italy, Morocco and Algeria.

A herbal tea made of caper root and young shoots is considered to be beneficial against rheumatism.

Relevant Recipes for Capers

Recipe Names

  1. Angel Hair With Feta And Capers
  2. Baked Fish Fillets With Capers And Black Olives
  3. Baked Halibut With Tomato, Capers, And Olive Vinaigrette
  4. Beef Stew With Capers And Olives
  5. Black Olives With Tomatoes And Capers
  6. Black Olives With Tomatoes And Capers Over Pa
  7. Bowties With Potatoes, Capers And Olives
  8. Calamari, Tomato & Bell Pepper Saute w Anchovies & Capers
  9. Chicken With Lemon And Capers
  10. Chicken With Tomatoes And Capers
  11. Cod With Lemon And Capers
  12. Crab Cakes With Sweet Peppers and Capers
  13. Crab Cakes with Sweet Peppers and Capers
  14. Deviled Eggs With Smoked Salmon, Fennel And Capers
  15. Eggplant Stuffed With Anchovies, Capers And Olives
  16. Filleted Trout With Macadamia Nuts And Fried Capers
  17. Fish Fillets With Tomatoes Capers and Olives
  18. Grilled Tuna Steaks With Lemon And Capers
  19. Grilled Tuna With Tomatoes, Spinach And Capers
  20. Halibut With Fried Capers
  21. Herbed Broiled Eggplant With Capers And Olives
  22. Kapernschnitzel (Veal Cutlets With Capers)
  23. Lamb Piccata With Capers
  24. Lemon Pasta With Capers
  25. Lemony Sole With Green Olives, Bacon, And Capers
  26. Mediterranean Chicken And Capers
  27. Mediterranean Pasta Salad With Olives And Capers
  28. Mediterranean Salad Of Piquillo Peppers, Capers And Basil
  29. Mustard Butter With Basil And Capers
  30. Pan-Crisped Filet Of Sole With Capers, Parsley And Lemon
  31. Pan-Seared Veal With Capers, Lemon And Artichokes
  32. Pasta With Smoked Mussels And Capers
  33. Penne With Chicken, Shiitake Mushrooms, And Capers
  34. Poached Veal Eye Round With Tuna, Anchovies And Capers Sauce
  35. Pork Chops With Peppers And Capers - {Zingara}
  36. Provencal Eggplant Salad With Olives And Capers
  37. Rainbow Trout With Lemon Capers, And Brown Butter
  38. Roasted Pepper Antipasti With Onions, Golden Raisins, Capers
  39. Salmon Poached In Champagne With Capers
  40. Sauteed Soft Shell Crabs With Capers And Lemon
  41. Smoked Salmon Rolls With Arugula, Mascarpone, Capers
  42. Soft-Shell Crabs With Lemon and Capers
  43. Sole Roulade With Black Olive Paste, Roast Pepper, Capers An
  44. Sole With Lemon, Capers And Almonds
  45. Spicy Marinated Mozzarella With Oregano And Capers
  46. Trout Fillets With Capers And Olives
  47. Turkey Fillets With Pine Nuts Capers And Raisins
  48. Turkey Scallopini With Capers And Lemon
  49. Turkey Scallops With Tomatoes, Wine And Capers
  50. Veal Piccata With Capers And Pine Nuts
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Recipe Ingredients

  1. A Rainbow Of Grilled Peppers
  2. A Trio Of Bruschetta
  3. Ahi Tuna-Eggplant "Tarts"
  4. Aioli Platter
  5. Alligator Eggs
  6. Amandari Smoked Salmon Angel Pasta
  7. Ancho Chili Remoulade
  8. Anchovy Toast
  9. Angel Hair With Feta And Capers
  10. Anne's Celery Root Remoulade With Smoked Duck
  11. Antipasto Di Mare
  12. Antipasto Salad
  13. Antipasto With Red Pepper Tapenade
  14. Apple And Black Bean Picadillo
  15. Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken And Rice)
  16. Arthur Schwartz's Casserole Of Salt Cod And Potatoes
  17. Artichoke & Penne Pasta Salad
  18. Artichoke Baskets With Caper Dip
  19. Artichoke Chicken And Olives
  20. Artichoke Pie
  21. Artichokes Caponata - {Caponata Di Caciofi}
  22. Artichokes Vinaigrette
  23. Asopao De Camarones - (Shrimp And Rice Soup)
  24. Asparagi Di Campo (Cold Marinated Asparagus)
  25. Asparagus And Leeks With Sauce Gribiche
  26. Asparagus Vinaigrette
  27. Assembly Salad
  28. Aussie: Roseville Tea Sandwiches
  29. Austrian Lobster Cocktail
  30. Autumn Fruit Cornish Hens
  31. Avocado Crab Dip
  32. Avocado Fabulous First Course
  33. Aztec Chicken
  34. Bacalao And Potato Gratin
  35. Baccala Salad
  36. Baguettes With Smoked Salmon And Dill Butter
  37. Baked Artichokes Stuffed With Anchovies And Garlic
  38. Baked Cod Provencal
  39. Baked Cod With Orange, Caper And Olive Sauce
  40. Baked Fish Fillets With Capers And Black Olives
  41. Baked Halibut With Tomato, Capers, And Olive Vinaigrette
  42. Baked Red Snapper
  43. Baked Salmon With Caper Sauce
  44. Baked Salmon With Horseradish Mayonnaise
  45. Baked Smoked Salmon and Feta Cheese En Croute
  46. Baked Squid And Scallops - {Calamari E Cappesante Al Forno}
  47. Basil Marinated Chicken With Caponata
  48. Bavarian Sausage Salad
  49. Bavarian Sausage Salad - 1
  50. Bavarian Sausage Salad - 2
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