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Paprika is a spice which comes from a mild red pepper in the family Capsicum annum. It is a brilliant red powder and often used as a garnish.

Paprika is the main flavor in Hungarian cooking, including dishes such as Goulash and Chicken Paprikash. In the United States, it is often used as a garnish on stuffed eggs, fish, and cheese and vegetable casseroles. Spanish Paprika flavours shellfish, rice, and sausage dishes. In Morocco, Paprika is used in tomato dishes and salads.

Paprika ranges from sweet and mild to hot. American Paprika is the blandest, while Hungarian Paprika has the greatest range of flavour.

Red paprika originated in Southern Mexico, Central America, and the Antilles Islands, where Native Americans used it for healing and seasoning.
From there it came to Hungary through the Balkans. In the second half of the 16th century, Margit Széchy, a noble lady already had a plant in her garden called the Turkish pepper (at that time also called Indian pepper or heathen pepper).

The name ‘paprika’ came from the 18th Century as a diminutive form for the south-slavish name of pepper (papar), then after the Hungarian usage, the word became international and universal.

Relevant Recipes for Paprika

Recipe Names

  1. Asian Pork Chops With Chinese Paprika Sauce
  2. Beef And Noodles W/Sour Cream and Paprika
  3. Beef Paprika
  4. Beef Paprika "Stew"
  5. Braised Halibut With Paprika And Mushrooms
  6. Breast Of Chicken Paprika
  7. Chicken Paprika
  8. Chicken Paprika
  9. Chicken Paprika
  10. Chicken Paprika, Light Version
  11. Chicken With Paprika
  12. Chicken With Paprika And Kidney Beans
  13. Creamy Chicken Paprika (6 PTS)
  14. Csirke Paprikas (Chicken In Paprika Sauce)
  15. Cuttyhunk Paprika Scallops
  16. Garlic Prawns With Paprika Sauce
  17. Gee's Paprika Chicken (Pressure Cooker)
  18. Grilled Whole Bass With Toasted Paprika Orange Vinaigrette
  19. Linguini With Paprika Sauce
  20. Melon, Arugula, And Serrano Ham With Smoked Paprika Dressing
  21. Mixed Greens With Garlic, Cumin And Paprika
  22. New York Strip Steaks, Grilled Fennel Salad, Paprika Butter
  23. Paprika Beef Roll
  24. Paprika Biscuit Tops
  25. Paprika Chicken
  26. Paprika Chicken
  27. Paprika Chicken
  28. Paprika Gravy
  29. Paprika Mushrooms (Hallgarten)
  30. Paprika Potatoes
  31. Paprika Roasted Duck
  32. Paprika Spice (American)
  33. Paprika-Glazed Baby Back Ribs
  34. Paprikas Csirke Marie's (Budapest Chicken Paprika)
  35. Paprkas Csirke (Paprika Chicken)
  36. Pork Tenderloin Paprika
  37. Roasted Red New Potatoes With Sweet Paprika Butter, Parsley
  38. Sauteed Chicken Paprika
  39. Smoked Paprika Romesco Sauce
  40. Softshell Crab Sandwich With Toasted Paprika Aioli
  41. Sole Goujons With Paprika Salt
  42. Venison Paprika

Recipe Ingredients

  1. "Colorful" Chicken And Rice
  2. "Los Venganza Del Almo" Chili
  3. "Loudly's" Seasoned Salt
  4. "On The Grill" Memphis Rib Rub
  5. $20,000 Prize-Winning Chili
  6. 15 Minute Chicken And Rice Dinner
  7. 2-Day Spaghetti Sauce
  8. 24 Hour Vegetable Salad
  9. 24 Karat Chili -- Kathy Legear
  10. 30 Minute Shepherd's Pie
  11. 30 Minute Southern Classic: Country Captain Chicken
  12. 4-Way Cincinnati Chili
  13. A Fancy Watermelon Salad With Whipped-Cream Mayonnaise
  14. A Red Chili Nightmare
  15. A Southern North African Sandwich
  16. A Spice Paste From The Thrill Of The Grill
  17. A Two Course Rice - (Arroz Abanda)
  18. A-1 Sauce
  19. Abilene, Tx. Annual Chili Super Bowl
  20. Acadian Eight Bean Chili Annie Rosenswei
  21. Acadian Shrimp And File Gumbo
  22. African Chicken Wings
  23. African Style Vegetables In Coconut Milk
  24. Ajiaco Emerilized
  25. Akotonshi (Stuffed Crabs)
  26. Alaska Dungeness Crab Jambalaya
  27. Alaska Dungeness Crab Newburg
  28. Alaska Halibut Royale
  29. Alaska Salmon & Avocado Pasta Salad
  30. Alaska Sole Florentine
  31. Alheiras De Mirandela
  32. All Purpose Grilling Sauce
  33. All Purpose Pork Rub
  34. All South Barbeque Rub - 1
  35. All-'Round Rub
  36. All-American Turkey
  37. All-South Barbecue Rub - 2
  38. Allegheny Baked Coot
  39. Allegheny Smothered Squirrel
  40. Alligator Eggs
  41. Almond Cod With Peas
  42. Almost Kentucky Fried Chicken
  43. Aloo Saag (spinach & Potato Stew)
  44. Alsatian Onion Tart
  45. American Fries
  46. Ammo Crackers
  47. Ancho Chili Powder
  48. Andouille
  49. Andouille - 1
  50. Andouille-Turkey Salad With Spiced Pumpkin Seeds
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