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Pepper is the dried berry of Piper nigrum. This vine can grow up to ten feet tall and is indigenous to India and Asia. Pepper is actually berries that are picked about nine months after flowering. (This is true pepper, and should not be confused with paprika, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, red pepper, and bell pepper, which are fruits from the capiscum family.)

Pepper is a universal table condiment used to flavour all types of dishes in cuisines worldwide. It's commonly used in stocks, pickling, and sausages.

Black Pepper has a sharp, pungent aroma and flavour. White Pepper is hotter, less subtle and mildly fermented. Green Peppercorn is milder in flavour and has a fresh taste.

Pepper plants have also grown in Indonesia and Malaysia for centuries. In the 20th century, pepper production was started in Thailand, Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. Today, India and Indonesia are the world's pepper powerhouses.

Anyone who likes preparing a good meal has undoubtedly had the experience of enthusiastically shaking or grinding the pepper-mill over a pot only to find themselves in a sneezing fit moments later. Pepper contains an alkaloid of pyridine called piperine. Piperine irritates the nerve endings inside the nose, triggering a sneeze. The sneeze is a natural reaction to the irritant in pepper, meant to clear it from the nasal passages. At the same time mucous membranes activate to help wash away the offending agent.

Relevant Recipes for Pepper

Recipe Names

  1. "Southwestern" Frittata - (Egg, Cheese And Bell Pepper Omelet With Salsa)
  2. 'Sausage' And Pepper Heroes
  3. Ajilimojili (Garlic And Pepper Sauce)
  4. Almond Pepper Biscotti
  5. Anchovy, Roasted Red Pepper, Potato And Egg Pintxos
  6. Antipasto With Red Pepper Tapenade
  7. Artichoke And Red Pepper Pizza
  8. Artichoke And Roasted Red Pepper Frittata
  9. Artichoke Pepper Salad
  10. Artichoke-And-Red Pepper Pizza
  11. Artichokes With Lemon Pepper Oil
  12. Asparagus And Red Pepper Salad
  13. Asparagus And Roasted Red Pepper Salad
  14. Asparagus Soup With Red Pepper Sauce And Lump Crabmeat
  15. Asparagus With Red Pepper Sauce
  16. Asparagus With Roasted Red Pepper
  17. Bacon, Pepper Jack And Scallion Quick Bread
  18. Baked Crab, Pepper And Spinach Frittata
  19. Baked Garlic And Pepper Salad
  20. Baked Pepper Fish
  21. Basil Cheese Torta With Red Bell Pepper Strips and Pine Nut
  22. Bavette With Cheese And Pepper - {Bavette Cacio E Pepe}
  23. Bean Dip A La Dr. Pepper
  24. Bean-And-Roasted Red Pepper Dip
  25. Beef Flautas w Black Bean Puree & Roasted Pepper Salsa
  26. Beef Or Lamb Baked With Yogurt And Black Pepper
  27. Beef Shreds With Green Pepper
  28. Beef Tenderloin With Horseradish And Black Pepper Crust
  29. Beef Tenderloin with Pepper and Parsley
  30. Beef With Green Pepper (Lot Tzu Ngow Roh)
  31. Beef, Pepper and Mushroom Kabobs
  32. Bell Pepper Curry
  33. Bell Pepper Curry
  34. Bell Pepper Nachos (1.5 PTS)
  35. Bell Pepper Rajas
  36. Bell Pepper Rajas
  37. Bell Pepper Relish
  38. Bell Pepper Salad
  39. Bell Pepper Slaw
  40. Bell Pepper-And-Potato Tagine Over Couscous (6.5 PTS)
  41. Berbere (Ethiopian Hot Pepper Seasoning)
  42. Bill's Lemon-Pepper Grilled Chicken
  43. Black Bean, Corn and Pepper Fajitas
  44. Black Bean, Corn And Pepper Salad
  45. Black Bean, Yellow Pepper, And Cumin Chili
  46. Black Kettle Pepper Steak
  47. Black Pepper Alu
  48. Black Pepper And Asiago Scones
  49. Black Pepper And Herb Goose Breast
  50. Black Pepper And Onion Bread
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Recipe Ingredients

  1. "40 Clove Chicken"
  2. "7/8'S Chili" -- Kenton And Linda Stafford
  3. "An Aussie Barbie" - Emeril Style
  4. "Andalusian" Partridge
  5. "Arkansalsa"
  6. "Betty Crocker's" Fresh Tomato Salsa
  7. "Burned At The Steak" Marinade
  8. "Carpet Bag" Steak
  9. "Colorful" Chicken And Rice
  10. "Complete Meal" Pot Roast
  11. "Forgotten" Minestrone
  12. "Frank's Place" Crawfish Etouffee
  13. "Fried" Fish (2.5 PTS)
  14. "Great Bay" Scallop Stew
  15. "Hot" Barbecued Chicken Wings
  16. "Hot" Grilled Trout
  17. "Licking' Good" Beef Steak
  18. "Little Chief" Beef And Game Jerky
  19. "Loudly's" Seasoned Salt
  20. "No-Rib" Ribs
  21. "On The Grill" Memphis Rib Rub
  22. "Philly-Style" White Pizza
  23. "Pile Of Gold" Tofu Stuffed With Shrimp
  24. "Pride Of The Deer Camp" Bbq Sauce
  25. "Second Time Around" Couscous Salad
  26. "Smaking" Wings
  27. "Southwestern" Frittata - (Egg, Cheese And Bell Pepper Omelet With Salsa)
  28. "Tex-Mex" Mac 'n Cheese
  29. "The Barbecue Queen's" Spicy Barbecued Chicken
  30. "To The Moon" Chili
  31. "Toasted" Corn Soup
  32. $25,000 Chili
  33. '9Os Style Chicken Salad
  34. 'Beef Bourgignon' Pot Pie With Baby Root Vegetables
  35. 'Best Of The Web' Barbecue Sauce Contest
  36. 'Buddha Bun' Vegetarian Filling
  37. 'Burn Your Fingers' Lamb - {D'Agnello Scottadito}
  38. 'Burned Fingers' Lamb Chops - {Lamb Chops 'Scottadita'}
  39. 'Concia' Of Zucchini - {Concia Di Zucca}
  40. 'Confit' Of Moulard Duck Foie Gras With Apple Compote
  41. 'Cooked Water' Soup - {Acquacotta}
  42. 'French' Dressing And Iceberg Lettuce Chopped Salad
  43. 'Grilled' Lamb Chops And Tomatoes With A Garlic Crust
  44. 'Little' Cabbage Salad
  45. 'Oat-Cuisine' Horseradish Crusted Trout, Mustard Cream Sauce
  46. 'One Cool 'Cado' Soup
  47. 'Outback' Coconut Shrimp
  48. 'Overnight' Tabbouleh
  49. 'Paella' Fried Rice
  50. 'Right On The Grill' Corn On The Cob With Molasses-Chili But
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