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Ginger, a knobby, fibrous root, has smooth light brown skin with a sheen to it. The flesh of the root is white. Ginger root is a seasoning and flavors sweets. Ginger is a flavoring from a tuberous root of Zingiber officinale, a plantin the Ginger family. The root is often dried and ground or "crystallized" with sugar.

Ginger is used in gingerbread, ginger ale, gingersnaps, and Asian dishes. Since ginger is a fibrous root, at times fibers may get into the manufactured product. Crystallized Ginger can replace fresh Ginger. Wash off the sugar first if desired when preparing a savory dish.

Ginger has a slightly biting and hot note. Its aroma is rich, sweet, warm, and woody.

No one is sure how old Ginger is, or where it came from, since it has never been found growing wild. It was first cultivated by the Chinese and Indians. It was one of the important spices that led to the opening of the spice trade routes. The name Ginger comes from the Sanskrit word "sinabera" meaning "shaped like a horn" because of its resemblance to an antler.

In the 19th century it was popular to keep a shaker of Ginger on the counter in English pubs so the patrons could shake some into their drinks. This practice was the origin of ginger ale.

Relevant Recipes for Ginger

Recipe Names

  1. Abalone Carpaccio With Scallions, Ginger And Ponzu
  2. Adobo Beef Salad With Apricot, Ginger And Hibiscus Salsa
  3. Almond Chicken Salad With Ginger Marinade
  4. Almond Ginger Pear Scones
  5. Apple Ginger Chutney
  6. Apple Ginger Mixed Chutney
  7. Apple-Apricot-Ginger Buckle
  8. Apple-Ginger Crumble
  9. Apricot-Ginger Cranberry Sauce
  10. Apricot-Ginger Pork Tenderloin
  11. Asian Noodles With Pork Tenderloin And Ginger Root
  12. Asian Turkey-Noodle Soup With Ginger And Chiles
  13. Asian-American Ginger Burgers
  14. Asian-Style Coconut Ginger Tapioca Pudding
  15. Asparagus Salad With Pickled Ginger Vinaigrette
  16. Asparagus With Ginger-Orange Butter
  17. Baked Custard With Ginger
  18. Baked Snapper With Ginger Salsa
  19. Banana Lemon Ginger Chutney
  20. Banana-lemon-ginger Chutney
  21. Barbecued Shrimp With Ginger And Lime
  22. Beef With Ginger
  23. Beet Salad With Ginger, Smoked Trout And Walnuts
  24. Benihana Ginger Sauce
  25. Berry And Ginger Sour Cream Brulee
  26. Berry-Ginger Ice
  27. Bhurrani Raita (Ginger-Flavored Yogurt)
  28. Blackberry Iced Tea With Cinnamon And Ginger
  29. Blueberry Ginger Dressing
  30. Blueberry Ginger Spice Pancakes
  31. Braised Beef Short Ribs With Ginger-Soy Glaze
  32. Braised Pork Chops, Dried Cranberries w/Ginger & Oranges
  33. Breast Of Duck With Glazed Apples And Ginger
  34. Breast Of Pheasant W/ Orange And Ginger Sauce
  35. Breast Of Pheasant With Orange And Ginger Sauce
  36. Broccoli And Water Chestnuts In Citrus-Ginger Sauce
  37. Broccoli With Ginger
  38. Broiled Fish Steaks With Fresh Ginger Sauce
  39. Broiled Grapefruit With Vanilla-Ginger Sauce
  40. Bronzed Chicken Wings With Young Ginger
  41. Brook Trout With Ginger Stuffing
  42. Butternut Squash And Ginger Puree
  43. Butternut Squash Puree With Orange, Ginger, And Honey
  44. Butternut-Cider Soup With Ginger Cream
  45. Cabrillas W/Celery Essense, Pickled Ginger and Carrot Ribbo
  46. Cactus Pear Lemon-Ginger Penne
  47. Candied Ginger-Cardamom Bars
  48. Cantonese Poached Fish With Ginger And Green Onions
  49. Caramelized Pear And Ginger Upside Down Cake
  50. Caramelized-Nectarine And Ginger Shortcakes With Sour Cream
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Recipe Ingredients

  1. "Bachelor" Kimchi - {Chonggak Kimchi}
  2. "Hot" Grilled Trout
  3. "Light As A Feather" Cake
  4. 'Gimme Both' Pumpkin-Pecan Pie W/Bourbon Whipped Cream
  5. 'Roast Duck' Nachos
  6. 'Sandy' Cake With Apple Compote - {Torta Sabiosa}
  7. 'Spot Stickers' With Dipping Sauce And Green Onion Salad
  8. A Fancy Watermelon Salad With Whipped-Cream Mayonnaise
  9. A Jellie Of Fyshe
  10. A Midsummer Night's Dream
  11. A Simplified Peking Duck
  12. A Traditional Side Dish
  13. A Veritable Pumpkin Pie
  14. A-1 Sauce
  15. Abalone Carpaccio With Scallions, Ginger And Ponzu
  16. Acar (Indonesian Garden Salad)
  17. Achar Gosh
  18. Achiote Marinated Shrimp Salad
  19. Acorn Squash Supreme
  20. Acorn Squash With Pineapple
  21. Acorn Squash With Spiced Pecan Butter
  22. Adobo Beef Salad With Apricot, Ginger And Hibiscus Salsa
  23. Adrak
  24. Adzukis With Pasta And Broccoli
  25. African Spiced Shrimp With Tabbouleh And Tomato Chutney
  26. African-Spiced Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad
  27. After-Dinner Wontons
  28. Ahad-E-Changezi
  29. Ahi Steak Sandwich
  30. Ajam Panggang (Indonesian Bbq'd Chicken)
  31. Akotonshi (Stuffed Crabs)
  32. Al And Tipper Gore's Chinese Chicken With Walnuts
  33. Alain Senderen's Salade De Fruit Exotique
  34. Alain's Cured Foie Gras
  35. Alan Nakagawa's Basic Kansai (Osaka) Style Okonomiyaki
  36. Alaska Dungeness Crab Fruit Salad
  37. Alaska Halibut Saute
  38. Alaska Salmon A La Rainier
  39. Alaska Snow Crab and Chicken Teriyaki
  40. Alaska Snow Crab Stir-fry
  41. Aligator And Chicken Spring Rolls With Dipping Sauce
  42. All Day Chicken
  43. All-American Barbecue Sauce
  44. Alloo Masala Chaat
  45. Almond Chicken Salad With Ginger Marinade
  46. Almond Fruit Salad
  47. Almond Ginger Pear Scones
  48. Almond-Flax Granola
  49. Almond-Topped Pear Pie
  50. Almost Instant Tzimmes
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