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The celery plant is slender and stands about 2 - 3 feet tall. It has three to five segmented leaves, and flowers with small white petals.

In temperate countries, celery is also grown for its seeds, which yield a valuable volatile oil used in the perfume and pharmaceutical industries. Celery seeds can be used as flavouring or spice either as whole seeds or, ground and mixed with salt, as celery salt. Celery salt can also be made from an extract of the roots. Celery Salt is used as a seasoning, in cocktails, notably to enhance the flavour of Bloody Mary cocktail.

With a crunchy texture and distinctive flavor, celery is often added to salads and cooked dishes.

Celery is widely grown in Europe, especially in Italy, France and Spain.

The whole plant is gently stimulating, nourishing, and restorative; it can be liquidized and the juice taken for joint and urinary tract inflammations, such as rheumatoid arthritis, cystitis or urethritis, for weak conditions and nervous exhaustion

Relevant Recipes for Celery

Recipe Names

  1. Almond Butter Stuffed Celery
  2. Anne's Celery Root Remoulade With Smoked Duck
  3. Apple and Celery Salad
  4. Apple And Celery Salad
  5. Baked Celery And Onions With Herbs
  6. Beef With Celery And Mushrooms
  7. Beer-Braised Cabbage And Celery Root
  8. Braised Carrots, Apples And Celery
  9. Braised Celery
  10. Braised Celery
  11. Cabrillas W/Celery Essense, Pickled Ginger and Carrot Ribbo
  12. Carrot Celery Pickle Relish
  13. Carrot, Celery, And Apple Juice With Sorrel
  14. Celeriac Celery Soup
  15. Celery And Anchovy Salad
  16. Celery And Apple Salad Dijon
  17. Celery and Apricot Soup
  18. Celery And Beef Soup
  19. Celery And Coconut Salad
  20. Celery Bisque With Stilton Toasts
  21. Celery Boats With Gruyere Pesto
  22. Celery Chicken Chowder
  23. Celery Root And Potato Mash With Horseradish
  24. Celery Root Fennel Gratin With Gruyere
  25. Celery Root French Fries With Remoulade Dipping Sauce
  26. Celery Root Fries With A Crab Ravigote
  27. Celery Root Mashed Potatoes
  28. Celery Root Puree
  29. Celery Root Puree
  30. Celery Root Puree
  31. Celery Root Ravioli With Celery/Mushroom Filling
  32. Celery Root Remoulade
  33. Celery Root Risotto And Pesto
  34. Celery Root Salad
  35. Celery Root Salad
  36. Celery Root, Carrot And Beet Salad
  37. Celery Root, Carrot And Pear Remoulade
  38. Celery Root-Horseradish Soup
  39. Celery Root-Pear Puree
  40. Celery Seed Bread (dana Roti) (india)
  41. Celery Seed Dressing
  42. Celery Siciliano
  43. Celery Slaw
  44. Celery Soup Times Ten
  45. Celery Stuffing
  46. Celery With Sesame
  47. Celery-Rice Casserole (Vegan)
  48. Chestnut, Celery Root And Apple Soup
  49. Cold Chicken, Celery And Walnut Soup
  50. Country Chicken Stew With Celery Seed Dumplings
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Recipe Ingredients

  1. "40 Clove Chicken"
  2. "Carpet Bag" Steak
  3. "Complete Meal" Pot Roast
  4. "Finger Lickin" Pickens' Sauce
  5. "Frank's Place" Crawfish Etouffee
  6. "Great Bay" Scallop Stew
  7. "Hot Dog Green Relish"
  8. "Second Time Around" Couscous Salad
  9. "Twice-Boiled" Vegetable Soup With White Beans - (Ribollita)
  10. $25,000 Chili
  11. 'Buddha Bun' Vegetarian Filling
  12. 'Cooked Water' Soup - {Acquacotta}
  13. 'Famous' Steak Soup
  14. 'Stuffed' Pork Chops With Sausage And Apricots
  15. 'Tuna'-Style Tofu Spread
  16. 14-Day Sweet Pickles
  17. 16 Bean Soup
  18. 1948 Original Barbecue Sauce
  19. 2-Day Spaghetti Sauce
  20. 20-Minute Chicken Creole
  21. 24 Hour Cabbage Slaw
  22. 24 Hour Green Salad
  23. 24 Hour Slaw
  24. 3 bean salad
  25. 30-Minute Turkey Soup
  26. 5 Bean Salad
  27. 7 Grain - Rice and Vegetable Salad
  28. 7-Layer Salad - 1
  29. 7-Minute Boiled Crawfish
  30. A Basic Chicken Stock
  31. A Dieter's Dream Shrimp Salad
  32. A Fabulous Beef Stew
  33. A Hunter's Duck Pie
  34. A Meaningful Beaning Full Bean Salad
  35. A Nice Vegetable Soup
  36. A Saucy Affair
  37. A Soup For All Seasons
  38. A Stewed Pork And Purple Sweet Potatoes
  39. A Working Woman's Chili
  40. Abc Chicken Soup
  41. ABC Nut Loaf
  42. Acadian-Style Crab Salad On Croissants
  43. Achiote Chicken And Cilantro Dumplings
  44. Acorn Squash With Walnut and White Bean Stuffing (6 PTS)
  45. Aegean Sea Chowder - {Psarosoupa Kakavia}
  46. African Spiced Shrimp With Tabbouleh And Tomato Chutney
  47. After-The-Holidays Salad
  48. Al's Seafood Bisque - From Al's Soup Kitchen, NYC
  49. Aladdin Curried Garbanzo Beans And Potatoes
  50. Alaska Crab Etouffee
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