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Feta Cheese

In Greek cuisine, Feta is a brined curd cheese traditionally made in Greece with ewe's and goat's milk.

Feta is an aged cheese, commonly produced in blocks, and has a slightly grainy texture. It is used as a table cheese, as well as in salads, pastries and in baking, notably in the popular phyllo-based dishes spanakopita ("spinach pie") and tyropita ("cheese pie").

Feta, like most cheeses, can also be served cooked; it is sometimes grilled as part of a sandwich or as a salty alternative to other cheeses in a variety of dishes.

It has an agreeable if slightly acidic taste and a rich salty flavour which it gets from having been aged in a brine bath for up to a month.

Traditional Feta is matured in wooden barrels or tin casks at cheese-making units.

Relevant Recipes for Feta Cheese

Recipe Names

  1. Another Pointe's Nopales Salad With Roasted Corn And Feta Cheese
  2. Artichoke And Feta Cheese Pizza
  3. Baked Feta Cheese Appetizer
  4. Baked Smoked Salmon and Feta Cheese En Croute
  5. Boneless Roast Leg Of Lamb With Feta Cheese
  6. Chicken Brochettes With Red Bell Peppers And Feta Cheese
  7. Cold Spiral Pasta With Peas And Feta Cheese
  8. Egglant, Tomato And Feta Cheese Napoleons
  9. Eggplant And Feta Cheese Spread
  10. Feta Cheese And Marinated Greek Olives
  11. Feta Cheese Spinach Dip
  12. Fried Yucca With Feta Cheese Sauce
  13. Garithes Youvetsi (Greek Shrimp In A Pot W/Feta Cheese)
  14. Garlic-Herb Bread With Feta Cheese
  15. Greek Lemon New Pototoes With Feta Cheese
  16. Greek Potato Spinach And Feta Cheese Omelet
  17. Greek Salad With Feta Cheese And Kalamata Olives
  18. Greek Spaghetti with Feta Cheese and Chicken (6 PTS)
  19. Greek Stifado With Feta Cheese Crust
  20. Lentil Salad With Feta Cheese
  21. Party Nibbles: Feta Cheese Spread
  22. Pasta With Feta Cheese And Greens
  23. Penne With Broiled Vegetables And Feta Cheese
  24. Pickled Beet And Endive Salad With Feta Cheese And Walnuts
  25. Pinto Bean And Feta Cheese Quesadillas
  26. Prawn Salad With Basil And Feta Cheese
  27. Roast Leg Of Lamb With Feta Cheese, Olives, Baby Eggplant
  28. Shrimp, Greek With Feta Cheese
  29. Spinach And Feta Cheese In Phyllo
  30. Tabbouleh With Avocado And Feta Cheese
  31. Tortilla Pizzas With Feta Cheese, Tomatoes, And Olives
  32. Vegetable Pizza With Feta Cheese
  33. Vermicelli With Meat Sauce And Feta Cheese
  34. Vermicelli With Meat Sauce And Feta Cheese
  35. Vidalia Onion Risotto With Feta Cheese
  36. Warm Lamb Salad With Peppers And Feta Cheese

Recipe Ingredients

  1. 5 Layer Mediterranean Dip
  2. A Pocketful Of Greens And Sardines
  3. Adriatica Prawns Skiathos With Linguine
  4. Aegean Stuffed Squid
  5. Alaska Cod Summer Salad
  6. Almodrote De Berengena (Turkish Eggplant Flan)
  7. Angel Hair Pasta With Cilantro, Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Feta
  8. Angel Hair With Feta And Capers
  9. Another Pointe's Nopales Salad With Roasted Corn And Feta Cheese
  10. Antipasti Salad
  11. Antipasto Salad - 2
  12. Apple-Mint Couscous Salad
  13. Arequipena Potatoes
  14. Arnaki Se Fillo (Lamb In Fillo)
  15. Artichoke & Penne Pasta Salad
  16. Artichoke And Feta Cheese Pizza
  17. Artichoke And Roasted Red Pepper Frittata
  18. Asparagus Salad With Croutons
  19. Assembly Salad
  20. Athenian Shrimp In Tomato And Feta Sauce
  21. Athenian Stuffed Potatoes (4 PTS)
  22. Athenian-Style Chicken Kabobs (8 PTS)
  23. Atnenos Greek Salad
  24. Baby Artichokes And Shrimp With Feta And Garlic Vinaigrette
  25. Baked Cod Greek Style
  26. Baked Eggplant Appetizer
  27. Baked Feta Cheese Appetizer
  28. Baked Polish Omlette - {Drachena}
  29. Baked Ratatouille
  30. Baked Smoked Salmon and Feta Cheese En Croute
  31. Barley Salad With Corn And Peas
  32. Basic Stuffed Mushrooms
  33. Beef Burgers With Feta And Tomato
  34. Beef Lasagna Ala Pasta And Co.
  35. Beef Lasagne Ala Pasta & Co.
  36. Beef Pita, Greek Style
  37. Bibb Lettuce Salad With Candied Walnuts, Oranges, And Feta
  38. Bistro Chicken Pasta Salad
  39. Black Bean Feta Salad
  40. Black-Eyed Pea Salad
  41. Boneless Roast Leg Of Lamb With Feta Cheese
  42. Bow-Tie Pasta Pepper Toss (4 PTS)
  43. Braised Lamb Shanks A La Emeril aka Osso Bucco Emeril
  44. Bread Soup
  45. Breakfast Polenta With Chorizo And Queso Fresco
  46. Broccoli With Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Olives & Feta
  47. Broiled Cod Rouille
  48. Broiled Tomatoes With Feta And Fresh Oregano
  49. Buca Di Beppo's 1893 Salad
  50. Butter Lettuce, Persimmon, Feta, And Hazelnut Salad
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