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Vermouth is a fortified wine made using herbs and spices to aromatise the drink. There are three types of vermouth – extra dry, white (which is dry and slightly bitter) and red (which is sweet). You will sometimes see white vermouth called French vermouth and red vermouth called Italian vermouth, although you can buy French red vermouths and Italian white vermouths.

Vermouth was originally made from cheap white wine and the herbs were added to mask the flavour. Legend has it that the first vermouth was created by Antonio Benedetto Carpano of Turin who tried to copy a German recipe for wormwood flavoured wine; at the time the German word for wormwood was wermuth, which became corrupted to vermouth.

Red vermouth is generally drunk straight up while white vermouth is used to produce cocktails such as Manhattans, gin martinis and vodka martinis.

The most famous vermouth is Martini, although at Cooking Index our preferred white vermouth is Noilly Prat. Many people will use the word Martini as a shorthand for vermouth, which can lead to a confusion when they end up with a vodka or gin martini by mistake.

Relevant Recipes for Vermouth

Recipe Names

  1. Baked Salmon Steaks With Parsley, Vermouth And Cream
  2. Big Mussels With Garlic And Vermouth
  3. Carrots In Vermouth
  4. Crawfish Vermouth
  5. Dungeness Crab In Wine And Vermouth
  6. Fillets De Sole Vermouth
  7. Lamb Steaks With Vermouth And Rosemary
  8. Mussels With Root Vegetables, Thyme And Vermouth Cream
  9. Red Snapper Fillets Poached With Fennel And Vermouth
  10. Sauteed Sturgeon With Vermouth Dill Sauce
  11. Sea Scallops With Vermouth
  12. Supremes En Vermouth
  13. Sweet Vermouth And Fruit
  14. Tarragon Roast Turkey With Vermouth

Recipe Ingredients

  1. "40 Clove Chicken"
  2. Alaska King Crab With Mushrooms
  3. Alaska Salmon A La Rainier
  4. Alaska Scallops In Cream Sauce With Spinach Fettucine
  5. Albacore Or Yellowfin Tuna
  6. Andouille And Artichoke Bisque Soup
  7. Applebee's Blackened Whitefish Sandwich With Kookaburra Sauc
  8. Apricot Sauce
  9. Apricot Sauce - 2
  10. Artichoke Stew With Shiitakes - {Zuppa Di Carcofi}
  11. Artichoke-Blue Cheese Bisque
  12. Athenian Shrimp In Tomato And Feta Sauce
  13. Avocado Oliva
  14. Baked Salmon Steaks With Parsley, Vermouth And Cream
  15. Baked Salmon With Horseradish Mayonnaise
  16. Baked Weakfish With Herb Sauce
  17. Basic Broiled Scallops
  18. Basic Leftover Casserole
  19. Basic White Sauce
  20. Basque Seafood Chowder
  21. Bay Scallops With Lemon and Dill
  22. Bayou La Batre Shrimp Mornay
  23. Bayou La Batre Shrimp Mornay
  24. Beef Stroganoff Using Lower Cost Flank Steak
  25. Big Mussels With Garlic And Vermouth
  26. Blue Martini Ice Pops (2 PTS)
  27. Bolognese Sauce
  28. Braised Exotic Mushrooms
  29. Braised Short Ribs With Chinese Flavors
  30. Braised Whole Fillet Of Salmon
  31. Breast Of Turkey With Mustard-Caper Sauce
  32. Breton Billi Bi - {Soupe De Moules Au Safran}
  33. Bricked Chicken With Wild Chanterelle And Asparagus
  34. Buffalo Burgers
  35. Butternut-Cider Soup With Ginger Cream
  36. Cajun Fish Fillets
  37. Canlis Shrimp
  38. Caramelized Leek Soup With Raclette Cheese Toasts
  39. Caramelized Onion Focaccia
  40. Carrots In Vermouth
  41. Cassolette Of Langoustine (Lobster Casserole)
  42. Cassoulet
  43. Chesapeake Bay Oyster Shooters
  44. Chicken Baked With Cream And Chanterelles
  45. Chicken Braised With Figs, Honey And Vinegar
  46. Chicken Breasts With Curried Vegetables
  47. Chicken Parisienne
  48. Chicken Rice Casserole
  49. Chicken Satay - 3
  50. Chicken Sesame
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